Top 10 best-selling liqueur brands

8th July, 2015 by Annie Hayes

2. Malibu

malibu2014: 3.4
2013: 3.7
% change: -6
Place last year: 3
Malibu saw a 6% drop in volume during 2014, taking the spirit from 3.7 million case sales down to 3.4 million, despite the launch of a plethora of new product developments designed to reignite demand. Pernod Ricard CEO Alexandre Ricard admitted the group had pushed the brand too far in recent years, with “too many innovations in a short space of time”. Perhaps a renewed focus on its key spirit – rather than a wealth of brand extensions – will see Malibu sales soar next year. 

6 Responses to “Top 10 best-selling liqueur brands”

  1. rob says:

    where’s jagermeister?

  2. johnny weismueller says:

    Ah, the Baileys.Choc full of fat, sugar and industrial alcohol made from milk protein (whey) a byproduct of cream extraction. Invented by clever chemists in Harlow, Essex. When you strip away the marketing BS it’s a real gas.

  3. Brian W says:

    Interesting list, no Grand Marnier or Benedictine either, just goes to show how much markets are different locally.

  4. Winkmeister says:

    #2 Malibu at 3.4 million cases, yet #3 De Kuyper at 3.7??

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