Distiller creates ‘world’s first music infused gin’

8th July, 2015 by Annie Hayes

New Zealand craft gin distiller Rogue Society is readying to distribute a limited run of the “world’s first music infused gin”.

rogue gin

Rogue Society has created what it claims is the world’s first gin infused with music

The gin, which is labelled ‘Electric Wire Hustle X Rogue Society Gin Limited Edition‘, has been distilled with latest EP from native band Electric Wire Hustle, called Aeons, playing on repeat around it 24/7.

Rogue Society founders Richard Bourke, Daniel Mclaughlin, and Mark Neal, admit they are not yet sure whether the spirit will taste any different after the treatment, which aims to “blend” the music into the gin.

They reportedly came up with the idea through the influence of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, who believed that water was “a blueprint for our reality”, and that the energies and vibrations of music could change the structure of water.

Available exclusively in New Zealand and Australia, each bottle of gin – which was designed by the band members themselves – will come with a free download of the EP.

Earlier this year, while exploring Kentucky’s Bourbon trail, SB discovered that the Copper & Kings Distillery plays heavy metal music to barrels, to help speed along the maturation of its brandy and absinthe.

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