UK gin exports hit record-breaking high

15th June, 2015 by Annie Hayes

The UK exported a record-breaking £394 million worth of gin in 2014, enough to make more than 1.6 billion gin and tonics.


UK gin exports have hit a record-breakign high, new figures have revealed

As the world’s biggest exporter of gin – with more than 70% of the country’s gin production reportedly heading overseas – sales have risen by 37% in the last five years, bringing in £1.76 billion to the economy.

Marking this year’s seventh annual World Gin Day, environment secretary Elizabeth Truss told Business Standard: “Our gin will be enjoyed around the world this weekend thanks to the vision and innovation of our distillers, who have pioneered a global revival of this quintessentially British drink.
“It’s fantastic to see so many new British businesses making first-rate products for export, contributing to our long term economic plan and helping to build a strong economy here in the UK.”

Since 2009, more than 35 micro-distilleries have opened up and down the country, while the number of specialist gin bars are also on the rise, with global cocktail culture continuing to drive gin sales upwards.

A growing interest in new styles of the spirit as spurred a 7% gin sales boost for Waitrose, which almost doubled the size of its range last year to meet demand – so it looks as though gin is showing a resilient stance against being toppled from its pedestal any time soon.


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