New baijiu brand launched to engage Westerners

11th May, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

A new baijiu brand designed to introduce Westerners to the Chinese spirit category is launching across the US and Europe.


New brand HKB has been launched to introduce Westerners to baijiu

HKB, or Hong Kong Baijiu, has been described as a “gateway to baijiu” and is currently rolling out across the United States, Italy, France and the UK.

Produced at a distillery based in Sichuan province, HKB has been founded by French businessman Charles Lanthier.

The brand is now available across the international markets through a joint partnership between Private Cask Imports and CNS Imports.

Both companies joined forces earlier this year to enhance the presence of baijiu in the US market, where they claim the spirits is currently “barely known”.

Sales of high-end baijiu, a white aged spirit made from sorghum, wheat or rice, have been declining in its domestic market over recent years, impacted by China’s clampdown on extravagant spending.

However, speaking to The Spirits Business last year, Manny Burnichon, president and CEO of Private Cask Imports, said this decline had “challenged the complacency” of baijiu producers, who are now seeking to offset declines in overseas markets.

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