Top 10 fastest growing vodkas in the US

9th April, 2015 by Becky Paskin

10. Crown Russe

Crown-Russe2013: 490,000 2014: 515,000 Change: 5%

Sazerac’s “well brand” vodka, Crown Russe, continues to grow at the bottom end of the spectrum, delivering what the group describes as a “great vodka for an exceptional price”. Competition in the marketplace among the value brands hasn’t taken its toll on Crown Russe, with the brand delivering a 5% increase in volume in the last 12 months. Sazerac attributes the brand’s success this year to its focus on expanding distribution geographically and by size. Crown Russe’s availability in a range of bottle sizes from 50ml right up to 1.75 litres, has helped establish the brand as a “party vodka”.

Brand owner: Sazerac

Flavours: 0

RRP: US$8.99

Launched in US: 1960s

2 Responses to “Top 10 fastest growing vodkas in the US”

  1. Brian says:

    This is a completely bullshit article. Completely Bias. How about you include some IRI/Nielson data?

  2. Rocky Helminski says:

    The first Vodka maker that makes “Joan Crawford Vodka” under their label, will have a customer (many actually) for life.

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