Most innovative new vodka marketing campaigns

10th April, 2015 by Melita Kiely

 Belvedere Vodka – Know the Difference

Belvedere-Vodka-know-the-differenceBelvedere Vodka joined forces with avant-garde fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth on a new advertising campaign called “Know the Difference”.

Charles Gibb, president of Belvedere Vodka, and Unwerth unveiled the collaborative venture during Milan Fashion Week; a campaign which aims to celebrate people who “know the difference between a regular night out and an extraordinary night out”.

“Belvedere is a vodka with character,” commented Gibb. “It is a statement of style, substance and confidence. Authentic and naturally smooth, it is the luxury vodka of those who are in the know. Teaming up with Ellen von Unwerth for the Know the Difference campaign is the perfect ingredient to toast to those who believe in the strength of audacity and the value of authenticity.”

The campaign was shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and captures a group of “pop culture” men and women, enjoying life with “class, optimism and always a touch of boldness”, according to the brand.

“Belvedere Vodka gave me the opportunity in truly letting my creative vision and expression roam free,” said Unwerth. “The results are highly fun and irreverent photographs that embody Belvedere’s wit, sophistication and elegant yet edgy style.”

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