Dodd’s launches limited edition barrel-aged gin

13th April, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

The London Distillery Company has teamed up with luxury retailer Fortnum & Mason to launch a limited edition barrel-aged version of Dodd’s Gin in celebration of its second anniversary.


Dodd’s Gin, Fortnum’s Edition 2015 has been aged in small whisky casks

Created to commemorate two years since the inaugural batch of Dodd’s was listed with the London store, the new variant “explores the impact of barrel ageing on gin”.

Hand-bottled at a cask strength of 50.3%, the new edition has been aged in the distillery’s small whisky casks.

Just 300 bottles of Dodd’s Gin, Fortnum’s Edition 2015 are now available exclusively from Fortnum & Mason. The launch follows the first Fortnum’s Edition, which was unveiled in March 2014.

“Following the success of last year’s limited edition and our re-brand and re-development of their Fortnum’s London Dry Gin, they were keen to continue the collaboration for our second anniversary,” said Darren Rook, co-founder and CEO of The London Distillery Company.

“This exclusive Dodd’s Gin, using some of our small whisky casks sourced from Kings County Distillery in New York, seemed a natural progression as we get closer to releasing whisky spirit.

“Dodd’s Gin enthusiasts will still recognise the main backbone of their favourite gin but should be satisfyingly surprised by the vanilla and wood spiced variation.”

Dodd’s Gin was the first product to be released by the Battersea-based distillery, having initially launched in April 2013. The brand pays tribute to 18th century entrepreneur and founder of The Intended London Distillery Company, Ralph Dodd.

The distillery became London’s first whisky distillery in more than a century when it created its first single malt whisky spirit in 2014, and is also set to launch the UK’s first 100% British rye in June this year.

Dodd’s Gin, Fortnum’s Edition 2015 is now available from Fortnum & Mason with an initial RRP of £39.50 as Spirit of the Month, after which time the price will increase to £42.50.

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