Top 10 ‘single estate’ spirits

5th March, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

Tequila Ocho

Tequila-OchoTequila Ocho is said to be the first Tequila brand to designate both the year in which it was produced, and the field from which its agave was harvested.

The distillery claims that it aims to show “terrior exists in agave” through the distinct aroma and character of its vintages, sourced from single fields (or ranchos).

“Tequila Ocho is the first single-field Tequila, and as such the first Tequila – or spirit of any category for that matter – to really highlight the terroir from which the raw material came,” said Jesse Estes, co-founder of the brand.

5 Responses to “Top 10 ‘single estate’ spirits”

  1. john roberts says:

    umm Appleton Estate? surely should be in there.

    BTW – what is a funding infection? sounds like I virus I want to catch

  2. Frans says:

    Please note probably the best Cognac in the world: Cognac Frapin. Grande Champagne single estate cognac

  3. Cheri Reese says:

    We are a farm to bottle craft distillery located on a 100-year old working family farm in extreme northwestern Minnesota near the Canadian border.

    We grow AC Hazlet rye, which we use as the base spirit for our Solveig Gin, Gustaf Navy Strength Gin and Syvä Vodka. We are aging Roknar Rye Whiskey, which uses both the rye plus an organic corn variety grown on the farm. In addition to growing the grains, we do all production – milling, mashing, fermenting, aging and bottling, onsite at Far North Spirits.

  4. Josh Miller says:

    What an odd list. Completely agree with John about Appleton.

  5. Please look into elit by Stolichnaya. Best rated Vodka in the world by BTI!

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