The most influential people in Irish whiskey

15th March, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

John Teeling

John-TeelingDiamond miner and rugby player John Teeling founded the Cooley Distillery in 1987, converting an old potato alcohol plant to have two column stills for Irish whiskey distillation. Cooley then bought the license to produce the Kilbeggan brand.

As a third party producer, the distillery was purchased by US company Beam Inc in 2012 for US$98 million, which many claimed sparked the Irish whiskey renaissance. Teeling told The Spirits Business last year: “You could credit us with one significant thing – we gave choice to consumers and forced Irish Distillers to up their game.”

It was revealed in 2013 that the industry stalwart had purchased Diageo’s Great Northern Brewery in Dundalk to build an Irish whiskey distillery – called the Irish Whiskey Company – that will create liquid almost entirely for third party brands, most significantly his sons’ Teeling Whiskey Company.

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  1. Another one to watch is Irish Whiskey Writer Stuart McNamara who recently launched

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