Ten of the world’s most expensive rums

18th March, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

J. Wray and Nephew 1940s rum


Created by Jamaican distiller J. Wray & Nephew, this expression, bottled in the 1940s, is believed to be the world’s most expensive single bottle of rum. It is thought to contain 25-year-old liquid that dates back to around 1915. When the expression went on display at RumFest in 2007, it was only one of four unopened bottles left in the world. Supplies near-vanished in the 1930s due to the boom in Mai Tai cocktails which were made using 17-year-old J. Wray & Nephew rum.

3 Responses to “Ten of the world’s most expensive rums”

  1. Jamie Mac says:

    Very nice but very incorrect about Wray & Nephew 17YO. None the less very nice article. Cheers

  2. Shane Knowles says:

    Nice article but not well researched. What about Australian Bundaberg Rum? Have a look at what some of those are going for. Certainly beat the first couple you have listed.

  3. Jim w says:

    You didn’t list Bacardi MMXII !!!!!!?????

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