Top 10 warming winter cocktails

7th January, 2015 by Becky Paskin

Hot Buttered Rum by Polite Provision, San Diego


Erick Castro, of Polite Provisions in San Diego, warms his visitors back up to functional temperatures with a spiced Hot Buttered Rum that fills the room with comforting aromas of caramel and baking spice with hints of oatmeal cookie.

Hot Buttered Rum

40ml Demerara Rum
95ml Allspice Syrup
1 small pad of butter (about as much as you’d put on a piece of toast)
Method: Temp your glass with hot water and discard, then add the butter and splash of hot water to melt the butter.  Add the rum and allspice syrup and mix. Top with fresh grated cinnamon.

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  1. Bruce Govia says:

    Im disappointed only one bar from london/uk made it on this list.

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