Top 10 warming winter cocktails

7th January, 2015 by Becky Paskin

Christmas may be over but baby it’s still mighty cold outside, which is why we asked some of the best bars in the chilliest parts of the world to divulge their favourite hot cocktail recipes for banishing the winter blues.


Banish the winter blues with one of these modern hot cocktail recipes

There’s nothing like stepping into a warm bar from the cold with the smell of spices and, if you’re lucky, warm cookies in the air, wafting over from steaming mugs of Hot Toddy’s and warm cauldrons of mulled wine sitting temptingly on the edge of the bar.

But in this era of modern cocktails, it’s time to progress on from traditional drinks consumers come to expect at this time of year; impress and entice them with something a bit different this winter.

Spice up your Hot Chocolate with Tequila and cayenne pepper for a truly warming Mexican drink, or add a shot of Branca Menta for a more herbal twist. Premiuise your Toddy with herbs and spices, or add a knob of indulgent butter to a hot rum drink to really warm your patrons’ cockles.

If you’re after some inspiration this winter, you’ll find some of the best hot cocktail recipes from across the globe on the following pages.

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  1. Bruce Govia says:

    Im disappointed only one bar from london/uk made it on this list.

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