Top 10 spirits trends for 2015

13th January, 2015 by Amy Hopkins



Decline of Mixtos

The super-premium category will continue growing, and more and more 100% agave Tequilas will entering the UK market. Mixtos Tequila will only sell at the bottom end of the market.”

– Eduardo Gomez, founder Tequila & Mezcal Fest UK

Blanco brands will prevail

“Bartenders and Tequila brands have been instrumental in educating consumers about the category and we are moving in a direction in which more and more people are finding products that they love and becoming avid and passionate Tequila drinkers.

“I believe the category’s rise in popularity is essential to creating the following trends in 2015.

“The perception that greater age equals a better product will continue to change and appreciation for the blanco category, as the most agave-led category, will grow.

“There will be continued growth of the 100% agave category as consumer knowledge of the category continues to expand as well as brands creating ultra-premium products/range extensions as the high-end segments of tequila continue to grow.

“Brands will market their products increasingly as using ‘craft’ production processes and being ‘small batch’ or ‘handmade’.”

– Jesse Estes, co-founder, Ocho Tequila

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