Top 10 spirits trends for 2015

13th January, 2015 by Amy Hopkins


Gin-trendsLocally-sourced botanicals

“Countries with a developing cocktail culture are beginning to discover gin in places like Russia and South America. As you get a developing cocktail scene, you get interest in gin as bartenders look back to classic recipes, a large amount of which were based on gin.

“It looks like it will follow what happened in the UK a few years ago when people started to look for more flavoured spirits in general and gin’s popularity began to grow.

“Next year there will be more gins coming out but people will start sticking to more local botanicals.

“A handful of gins recently came out – and are going to come out – in Australia this year and consumer interest will be looking for provenance, local botanicals rather than using generic, widely available ingredients that gives their gin a signature of the area of its country of origin.”

– Tim Stones, global brand ambassador, Beefeater Gin

Expanding portfolios, creative casks and sipping gins
”With a record number of gin distilleries opening last year, we will start to see more second-phase products coming out, that is, products that come out once a gin distillery’s flagship product is established. These will include fruit gins, although distillers will be thinking of flavours far beyond sloe. Expect to see navy gins, old toms, fruit cups, and aged gins. As more producers enter the market, distillers will need to be increasingly innovative to differentiate.
“The last few years have also seen a big increase in matured or aged gin. Initially, many of these were aged in used or virgin oak casks. I think 2015 will see the release of gins which have been matured in a wider array of woods; new gins aged in Islay casks from two Seattle distilleries are a good example.
“New distilleries often sell their product by giving a little sample, for example at farmers markets. As such, it is important that they taste good unmixed. The rise of contemporary styles of gin, which are attracting former non-gin drinkers to the spirit, is leading more and more people to sip gin neat – something that was almost unheard of five years ago.
– David Smith, gin specialist at

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