Top 10 spirits trends for 2015

13th January, 2015 by Amy Hopkins



China returns to VSOP

“For Cognac in 2015 the overwhelming question is China: will it recover from the disastrous slump of 2014 or not? My bet is that ordinary Chinese will resume buying VSOP and even XO but that the fatcats will remain afraid of showing off and so sales of the seriously expensive stuff will remain subdued – though of course we don’t know how much of the slump was due to overstocking.”

– Nicholas Faith, Cognac expert

Heritage brands

“We are seeing a shift toward premiumisation in the category with luxury and limited edition Cognac entering the market. As in other categories, consumers are looking for brands that have a rich heritage and interesting stories to tell. They want to purchase a Cognac that they can really embrace and one that makes them feel special.”

– Rebecca Asseline, global brand ambassador, Courvoisier

Brithdays and provenance

“I think the main trends I’d pinpoint for Cognac this year would be birthdays and provenance. With regards to brithdays, Hennessy celebrates its 250th birthday this year, and Martell its 300th, so expect lots of brand activity and special limited editions around those milestones. For provenance, some Cognac houses such as Camus have been playing in this area for a while, but interest is taking hold now with the launch of Domaines Hine Bonneuil 2005, sourced from the company’s own vineyards in Grande Champagne. Expect more innovative (by Cognac standards) launches if it’s a success. Domaines Hine also has no caramel, very light oak influence and a higher than normal abv. Will the big houses follow suit?

– Richard Woodard, freelance spirits writer

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