Top 10 healthy cocktails in London

14th January, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

Imbibers seeking a virtuous start to 2015 will surely be tempted to stray from their resolutions in the world’s cocktail capital. But luckily London also has an array of healthy cocktails on offer.


There are an array of London bars offering healthy, organic cocktails full of vitamins and fibres

January is certainly a month of abstinence as new year’s resolutions are embarked upon with firm intent. But, as this list demonstrates, Londoners needn’t go completely dry to get the health kick they need.

The city is awash with exciting and innovative cocktail bars, and some have gone the extra step to provide healthy alternatives for drinkers this January.

London boasts what is thought to be Europe’s first superfood cocktail bar, offering a plethora of vitamin-rich mixes, while other mainstream bars have incorporated an organic theme.

Click through the following pages to discover which are the top 10 healthy cocktails in London, with details of how to recreate them at home.

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