Distillery plans for historic Hebridean island hotel

23rd January, 2015 by Annie Hayes

An Edinburgh-based spirits producer has proposed to turn a tiny island hotel in the Hebrides into a “niche” Scotch whisky distillery.


Proposals have been revealed for a new distillery on the small Scottish island of Raasay

R&B Distillers has applied to convert the historic Borodale House on Raasay ­– formerly known as The Isle of Raasay Hotel – into a small-scale distillery and visitor centre.

The building was constructed in the 1870s and renovated to accommodate the private hotel from the 1980s, which remained until its closure in January 2013.

ABIR Architects have undertaken a feasibility report for the project on behalf on R&B Distillers.

In the study, Olli Blair of ABIR Architects reports: “The Raasay distillery will be a sister facility to a separate distillery in Walkerburn in the Borders.

“The Walkerburn facility will house the grist mill, and malted barley will be milled there and transported in 1 tonne bags to Raasay.

“The Raasay distillery is to be seen as ‘a leading distiller of niche whiskies’ with batch production and whisky bar selling an extensive range of batch whiskies.”

The report details that the existing house would be used to provide high-quality visitor accommodation, while the newer extension built in the 1980s will be separated and either demolished and rebuilt or converted to house the new production facility.

The distillery would house three 220-gallon Hoga copper stills, enabling the company to distill its whisky in 6.5 – 8.7 gallon casks.

If the application is successful the product is expected to become available within three to four years.

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