Big Bottom launches first gin distilled in-house

29th January, 2015 by Annie Hayes

Big Bottom Distilling has released the first expression in its new range of spirits distilled in-house, called Big Bottom Oregon Gin.


Big Bottom is releasing its first in-house distilled spirit, Big Bottom Oregon Gin

Until last year, Big Bottom Distilling – makers of the award-winning Big Bottom Whiskey – sourced its whiskey and rum from external distillers, blending and bottling the spirit in Hillsboro.

Since then, Big Bottom has taken a step forward in their production by distilling the new 91 proof (45% abv) gin, which retails at US$29.95.

Founder and owner, Ted Pappas and his new head distiller, Travis Schoney, said they aimed to capture the flavour of Oregon in their 100-gallon copper still by using a floral blend comprising 16 of the state’s natural botanicals.

“We are extremely excited to finally be able to distill our own line of spirits,” Schoney said. “It’s very much like a painter with a blank canvas – we have the capability to create extraordinary products with unique and amazing flavor profiles that will appeal to all palates.”

“We chose to distill gin as Big Bottom’s first distilled product because we thought it would allow us to create something uniquely Oregon. We carefully chose a series of botanicals that would offer a flavour profile that best represents the beautiful qualities of Oregon,” added Pappas.

The product is described as a slightly sweet gin with a rich, complex mouth feel and creamy body.

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