Were these the biggest cocktail trends of 2014?

30th December, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

This year, the international bar scene has been bigger, brighter and more innovative than ever before – we take a look to see if any of our predicted trends for 2014 came true.


We look back to see if the predicted cocktail trends for 2014 came true

Bartenders the world-over pushed up their levels of creativity and style in 2014, when standards in bartending were higher than ever before.

It’s always tricky to slate which trends will take off in the bartending world, were sky-high levels of creativity and experimentation mean the industry is in a constant state of flux.

But at the beginning of the year, we asked some of the best bartending brains in the business to place their bets on which trends they thought would take off in 2014.

Click through the following pages to see if their predictions were right.

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