Top 10 celebratory Repeal Day cocktails

5th December, 2014 by Melita Kiely

Eau de Vie – Smoky Rob Roy


25ml Talisker 10 year old – 25mls

15ml Lagavulin 16 year old – 15mls

10ml Zacapa 23 (Oliva 5 series Cigar infused) – 10mls

25ml House blended sweet vermouth – 25mls

2 Dashes House orange bitters – 2 dashes

Orange Twist

Bourbon and Port soaked Sherry

Method: Firstly, smoke the stemmed goblet with Hickory Wood, leave the glass turned over on the hickory board to capture the smoke. Add the bitters then the vermouth to a vintage cocktail shaker. Add the liquor, beginning with the Oliva Cigar infused Zacapa 23 Rum to add a richness to the drink.  Stir all ingredients in the shaker, once ideal dilution has been achieved, strain into a flask and add liquid nitrogen to the flask to keep the drink chilled. Turnover the stemmed goblet which has been smoked, serve the drink to the guest on a small serving tray with flask, glass and garnish for the guest to add liquid when required.

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