Top 10 celebratory Repeal Day cocktails

5th December, 2014 by Melita Kiely

To mark the anniversary of Repeal Day today and the end of the 18th Amendment, we round up 10 of the best Prohibition cocktails to celebrate.


Raise a glass to Repeal Day with one of these Prohibition-style cocktails

During the Prohibition era, illicit bartenders were quick to discover that they could create a swathe of delicious cocktails to mask the low-quality alcohol being produced by mafia gangs and illegal manufacturers.

While some opted for strong, boozy drinks such as the Negroni, others chose to cater for sweeter palates with creations such as the Mint Julep.

From twists on Sidecars and Sazeracs to Old Fashioneds, both brands and bars remain inspired by the 13 years of Prohibition and in celebration of Repeal Day have concocted a wide assortment of drinks.

Furthermore, the industry has witnessed an increase in speakeasy-style bars hidden from sight all over the world.

Click through to the following pages to see 10 of the best cocktail recipes to celebrate Repeal Day. 

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