Experts predict 2015 cocktail trends

10th December, 2014 by admin



“Fun, I say it every year, but we’re getting there. And not with childishness or comedic tones; with genuine get-together-in-a-bar fun,” says London’s Chetiyawardena.

This is manifesting itself in a number of ways, such as the backlash against the term “mixologist” or the movement away from the serious and studious speakeasy-style to wide open, easily accessible spaces.

On a very basic level, people want to enjoy themselves while drinking cocktails, rather than gathering in hushed reverence around a bar. “Having fun in cocktail bars is trending upwards,” tiki champion Brian Miller says.

Jamie Gordon, manager of mixology at Pernod Ricard, also talks about the comeback of ‘Disco Drinks’ and shot menus.

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