Experts predict 2015 cocktail trends

10th December, 2014 by admin



Brands such as Sipsmith and Chase have certainly been a catalyst for the booming microdistillery movement that has swept the world, but the key that has kept both in the limelight is their communication of their roots. During the next 12 months, that message will only gain in importance, particularly for craft brands.

“I predict you will see an even keener focus on provenance. Questions over where the spirits we drink, particularly whiskey, actually come from and who made them will be raised,” says Allen Katz of the NY Distilling Company.

Pernod Ricard’s Patino agrees: “Consumers are evolving; they want to know more about how their favourite products are made and where the raw materials came from. And if they don’t share those values, they are more likely to move on.”

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