Experts predict 2015 cocktail trends

10th December, 2014 by admin



A common logistical problem with cocktail consumption is their strength. As veteran bartender Philip Duff, director of bar consultancy Liquid Solutions, puts it: “If you want to go out and drink cocktails all evening, you’re going to have to throw up every three rounds, or turn to low alcohol.”

After the popularity of last year’s Aperol Spritz, low proof cocktails are on the up, alongside fortified wines such as vermouth and Sherry, and liqueurs like Campari and cynar. The category was recently celebrated in cocktail writer Dinah Sanders’ book The Art of the Shim: Low Alcohol Cocktails to Keep

You Level, with 53 recipes and contributions from leading bartenders.

“The reason this trend has legs is it’s not purely fashion driven; it also makes great commercial sense. If you can get customers to drink three or four cocktails rather than two or three, that’s high sales at a high profit margin,” Duff adds.

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