Top 10 most collectable Scotch whiskies

23rd October, 2014 by Becky Paskin

While Scottish distillers are investing heavily in increasing stocks of Scotch whisky, there’s continued soaring interest in historical and vintage expressions on the second-hand market.


The Dalmore Constellation Collection is among the most collectable Scotch whisky in the world

Some rare expressions of single malt Scotch can fetch as much as £381,620 at auction, the most expensive being a six-litre decanter of The Macallan M at Sothebys in Hong Kong in January this year.

In just five years, the value of the top 1,000 collectable single malt whiskies has grown by almost 216%, according to the Rare Whisky 101 index (RW101), launched by David Robertson and Andy Simpson last month.

A bottle of The Macallan Royal Marriage, which launched in 2011 for £150, is now worth around £900.

Despite such a potentially high return on investment, Simpson claims awareness of whisky as an investment is “still pretty small”.

“Usually an investor falls in love with a distillery and its whisky to taste then they start wanting to collect bottles,” he says. “Then they realise the whisky is rising in value. They turn that passion for drinking in to a passion for investing.

“Supply is also constantly being consumed rendering the remaining bottles that little bit rarer and that little bit more valuable. The global demand and thirst for rare single malt Scotch is also increasing. So you almost have that perfect scenario where supply is constantly dwindling but demand is increasing. These simple economic dynamics are pushing prices higher for the right bottles.”

Here are the 10 most collectable Scotch whiskies, according to RW101, along with how much the price of each has risen in the past five years to date.

8 Responses to “Top 10 most collectable Scotch whiskies”

  1. Just the site whisky collectors require Just sorry i only have 2 port ellens but ihave a 35 year old Kinclath

  2. Whisky Fiend says:

    The MacAllan can go for some ridiculous prices. People around the world will pay anything for whisky from Scotland, it’s crazy.

  3. joseph martin says:

    hi,I have 6 bottles of black and whit whisky 1978 i wonder how much they are worth each ?

  4. i have a bottle of North of Scotland distilling company limited single highland malt scotch whiskey distilled at the Highland Park distillery in 1986, bottle #179. approximate value?

  5. John owen says:

    I have a bottle of James Williams old glowmore from the Narberth bonded stores, now long gone

  6. Marie Smith says:

    I have a bottle of Inver House Green Plaid 21 year old single malt and one of Knockdhu 21 year old silgle malt are they rare?

  7. fay thompson says:

    I have one bottle of Bowmore 30 year old in a black box with a picture of a dragon on the front. I acquired the bottle about 25 years ago. Is this bottle a collectible?

  8. john cecil says:

    i have 2 bottles of glenfarclas scotch whisky cask number 2730.

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