Top 10 gin bottle designs

8th October, 2014 by Amy Hopkins


Opihr-GinLaunched by Quintessential Brands last year, Opihr gin has been created in the classic London Dry Gin style, with spiced notes from Moroccan coriander, Indian black pepper, and Indonesian cubeb berries, reflecting the spice route between the Philippines and London.

Its interesting packaging also reflects its Asian provenance, with beautifully colourful elephants emerging from behind a royal blue label and a red bottle neck tassel.

3 Responses to “Top 10 gin bottle designs”

  1. Dominic says:

    All good choices but I think you’ve missed Sibling Distillery! All the gold on their bottle is real and every aspect of their design represents the four siblings, four sided bottle and four sided shape, the nod towards boys and girls in the colours… Just my opinion!
    Thanks and good evening,

  2. Ian Hart says:

    Hello Dominic – I wouldn’t spend time trying to resurrect already placed articles – it is yesterday’s business. Focus on upcoming articles! Best wishes
    Ian Hart
    Sacred Gin

    • M.Dean says:

      Meow…While I’m surprised to find Whitley’s and Bulldog on this list, as neither is of a particular interesting design, and packaging is as important as it’s content in this day and age, if not more so. Your comment comes across as regarding a personal issue and not the topic at hand….Just a thought to mull, not that most haven’t been rash at some time or other.

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