Top 10 women in the spirits industry

16th September, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Lesley Gracie

Lesley-Gracie-Hendrick'sWorking in collaboration with Charles Gordon, life president of William Grant & Sons who recently passed away, Lesley Gracie was tasked with creating a gin which used two antique stills – a rare Carter-Head and 19th Century Bennet.

With a long-established love of interesting botanicals, Gracie achieved “a peculiar sort of deliciousness” by creating a gin distilled with cucumber and rose, ingredients rarely seen in mainstream gin production, in both stills.

Thus Hendrick’s gin was born, “an absolute power-house brand” according to current William Grant CEO Stella David, leading the way for the great super-premium gin renaissance which we continue to see to this day. Gracie continues to experiment with wacky botanicals, and even trekked into the Venezuelan jungle in search of rare ingredients with Hendrick’s global brand ambassador, David Piper (pictured).

2 Responses to “Top 10 women in the spirits industry”

  1. Abhinav meherish says:

    Why is abiti sankarnarayanan not featured in this article ?

  2. John Lamond says:

    What about Elizabeth Usher, the first Scotch Whisky blender?
    or Kirsteen Canpbell at Edrington?
    or Stephanie Macleod at Dewar’s?
    or Margaret Mary Clarke at Inver House?

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