Top 10 women in the spirits industry

16th September, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Claire Smith

Claire-SmithOften referred to a the “first lady of vodka”, Claire Smith, head of spirit creation and mixology at Belvedere vodka, helped advance the traditionally Scotch and Cognac-focussed portfolio of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) into the world of white spirits.

Smith joined LVMH in 2003 as a brand ambassador for the recently-launched Belvedere vodka after graduating in Law from Nottingham University, where she also learned the ways of mixology at the city’s first cocktail bar, Synergy.

After winning numerous competitions and taking on various brand ambassador roles, she moved to London to study under two revered names in the bar world – Dick Bradsell and Henry Besant.

Smith has helped merge the world’s of distilling and bartending, creating a number of flavoured and unfiltered Belvedere variants.

2 Responses to “Top 10 women in the spirits industry”

  1. Abhinav meherish says:

    Why is abiti sankarnarayanan not featured in this article ?

  2. John Lamond says:

    What about Elizabeth Usher, the first Scotch Whisky blender?
    or Kirsteen Canpbell at Edrington?
    or Stephanie Macleod at Dewar’s?
    or Margaret Mary Clarke at Inver House?

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