Top 10 whisky bottle designs

24th September, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

In a competitive market, whisky brands are thinking of increasingly inventive ways to make their products stand-out through beautiful, interesting and wacky bottle designs.

This tattooed bottle of J&B Scotch is one of out top 10 whisky bottle designs

This tattooed bottle of J&B Scotch is one of out top 10 whisky bottle designs

While the stunningly extravagant designs of some bottles add to their sky-high price tag, the quirky styles of others have made sought-after cult classics among connoisseurs.

Some, such as the Johnnie Walker Diamond Jubilee Edition, mark a historic occasion, while others pay tribute to industry legends.

In this list, we take a look at some of the amazing bottle designs produced by The Macallan, Suntory, Highland Park, J&B and Chivas Regal, among others.

From a Japanese whisky which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones, to a skin-like tattooed whisky bottle, this is out selection of the top 10 whisky bottle designs.

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  1. Paul H. says:

    Personally, I dislike bottles that hide their contents. Too much pleasure of a distillation lays in viewing the hues. The Highland Park 50, The Macallan M, and Johnnie Walker Diamond are all gorgeous. I was not too impressed by the J&B Tatoo or the Chivas Regal versions though, as those are basically fancy labels/wrappers with nothing unusual about the bottle itself.

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