Top 10 banned spirits

19th August, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Four Loko

Four-LokoIn February this year, alcoholic fruit-flavoured energy drink brand Four Loko was found in breach of UK alcohol marketing laws for encouraging “irresponsible consumption”, and was subsequently banned from using its current packaging.

The brand was criticised by a number of companies for using the word “Loko” in its title, due to its similarity to the Spanish word “loco”, meaning “crazy” or “mad”.

The Independent Complaints Commission (IPC) therefore ruled that the title was problematic when used in relation to an alcoholic drink, as it could suggest irresponsible or immoderate consumption.

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  1. lydia says:

    Ah, absinthe is still banned in Belarus. It is not prohibited to bring a bottle or two for yourself from abroad, however it is not soled neither on-trade or off-trade.

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