How important are garnishes in cocktails?

1st August, 2014 by admin

Our cocktail experts discuss whether adding garnish to a drink is a case of style over substance, or an important flourish providing added value.


Are garnishes a necessary part of cocktail-making, or do they detract from quality liquid?

Over the years, cocktail garnishes have become increasingly extravagant, demonstrating a bartender’s creative skill and adding a touch of theatre to the cocktail-making experience.

However, some bartenders prefer to focus on the balance and quality of the drink itself, opting for simple, or even pre-bottled serves. Some go further to claim that extravagant garnished can detract from the quality of the drink itself.

Others believe that garnishes are important to offer customers something they would not be able to make at home, injecting excitement and innovation into their bar experience.

Opinion is divided in the industry, and the question remains, how important are garnishes in cocktails?

We put two noted bartenders – Pez Collier, bar manager at Brisbane’s Papa Jacks and Rusty Cerven, senior mixologist at London’s The Connaught Hotel – head to head in the debate.

Which of our judges do you agree with? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. peterthomas says:

    Garnishes in Cocktails brings in some of the ecstatic tastes and for the one who intakes them undergoes a wonderful experience.

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