William Grant’s top UK spirits trends

11th July, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Brandy & Cognac


In the UK on-trade, Cognac is worth £213m, an increase of 0.7% driven by growth in the VSOP category, which is up 20.3% to reach sales of £30.4m. Brandy (excluding Cognac) is worth £24m, up 6.5%, while William Grant & Sons UK notes that bars have a “significant opportunity” to improve the category if they stock more mainstream, less expensive brands. Non-French brandy is the only category experiencing volume growth, increasing 41.2% while bars have also seen a move away from traditional neat or on the rocks serves to contemporary cocktails. The demographic brandy consumer is largely male and over the age of 45.


Both Cognac and brandy are in decline in the UK off-trade. Cognac is now worth £94m, a 1.6% decline, while brandy is worth £284, also down 1.6%. French grape brandy accounts for 61% of all brandy value and 73.2% of all brandy volumes. Analysts claim the category has become polarised with shoppers seeking either French grape, or non-French grape, or trading up to VSOP Cognac, or above. Retailers are increasingly seeking to “demystify” the brandy category and stock a wider range of higher grade styles.

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