Top 10 American craft rum brands

16th June, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Rougaroux Rum

Rougaroux-RumRougaroux rum, created by Louisiana-based Donner-Peltier Distillers, is named after a mythical creature said to lurk in the sugarcane fields and swamps of Louisiana’s cajun country. The Rougaroux Sugarshine variant is a white rum bottled at 101 proof, which is said to deliver a “monstrous kick”. Also part of the brand’s range is the Rougaroux Full Moon Dark Rum, which has been aged in American white oak, and the Rougaroux 13 Pennie, a rum flavoured with toasted almonds.

2 Responses to “Top 10 American craft rum brands”

  1. Just Curious says:

    How can a Barbados Rum be on this list of American Craft Rums? Yes, the company is American owned, but it neither craft distilled nor American rum. This is important!

  2. Trey Litel says:

    Not sure how you determined your Top 10 criteria, but BAYOU RUM from Lacassine, Louisiana USA is sorely missing from your list. Bayou Rum has 4 delicious expressions and is crafted in a pot still from Louisiana sugarcane at the largest craft distillery devoted to rum in the USA. Bayou Rum has been recognized internationally with 64 tasting competition medals including ADI in 2013. The latest DOUBLE GOLD and GOLD medals were Madrid 2015 International Rum Conference held last month. Bayou Rum has sold more rum than any of the rums on your list since its launch July 2013 and is now available in 7 states. Top 10 American Craft Rum – Bayou Rum tops the list on all criteria! Send me a note and I am happy to provide photography of Bayou Rum…America’s Rum!

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