The world’s 10 best restaurant bars

11th June, 2014 by Amy Hopkins


Delicatessen, Moscow


Headed by legendary bartender Vyacheslav Lankin, basement restaurant Delicatessen has quickly become a hotspot for young Moscow urbanites and tourists alike.

Viewed as something of a hidden treasure in the city, the restaurant is hidden in the corner of an assuming courtyard of garages and offices, where its entrance is marked by a “thank you for finding us sign”.

Its antique bar serves a delicious array of libations such as Raspberry Cognac and Apricot Rhum Agricole, as well as unique variations of classic cocktails.

Tales of the Cocktail has named Delicatessen as one of its top four finalists to win the Best International Restaurant Bar Spirited Award.

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  1. tara says:

    Do I agree that the Worlds 10 best bars are mostly in London? Is this a joke?

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