Should cocktails carry service charges?

24th June, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Should cocktail orders carry compulsory service charges, or are tips something that should be earned? Let the debate begin…


Should cocktail bar orders carry compulsory service charges?

While some bartenders believe that cocktail-making is a service no different to any other in on-trade, others see it is a skill which takes greater amounts of time, talent and creativity than mixing a standard rum and coke, and should be rewarded as such.

Opinion is clearly divided in the industry, with many others even claiming that mandatory service charges will deter consumers from enjoying cocktails, which some members of the on-trade have long-been attempting to democratise.

So, should service charges by applied to all cocktail orders, or should the consumer decide if their service deserves to be tipped?

Arguing the latter point is JJ Goodman, co-founder of London Cocktail Club, and arguing the former case is Imants Zusmanis, bar manager of Kensington Palace.

Which of our judges do you agree with? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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