Scottish football fans call for lift on booze ban

16th June, 2014 by Melita Kiely

Nearly two thirds of Scottish football fans would support the re-instatement of alcohol at matches, according to a new study.

Scotland Football

Scottish football fans would like to enjoy alcoholic beverages at football matches, a new study has revealed

The Supporters Direct Scotland National Football Survey, which was conducted by Supporters Direct Scotland (SDS) and the Scottish Football Association (SFA) questioned approximately 3,000 fans and almost 62% were in favour of lifting the alcohol ban and almost 75% supported the notion of a small scale trial.

However, the majority of female participants said they were opposed to lifting the ban.

A ban on the sales of beers, wines and spirits at Scottish football grounds was instigated in 1980 as a result of rioting during the Scottish Cup final in 1980.

Paul Goodwin, head of SDS, told the Daily Record it was time to bring back booze.

“This has confirmed much of what we were already aware of through discussions with supporters’ trusts,” said Goodwin. “The landscape in Scottish football has changed.

“If there’s trouble at a ground now it can be easily pinpointed. I was at Falkirk the day after the flare was thrown on the park during a game against Rangers.

“With CCTV images, they knew exactly who it was and what their email address was. There’s a real control element now.

“We have an opportunity to try this – it will go to the top of the SFA and it’s something they must consider.”

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