Fifteen-year-old schoolboy opens gin distillery

9th June, 2014 by Becky Paskin

A 15-year-old boy has opened a gin distillery in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire alongside his three siblings, all of whom are aged under 23.


Sibling Gin, launched by four brothers and sisters, will initially be available only in Cheltenham

Digby Elliott-Berry last week launched Sibling Distillery with his brother Felix, 22, and sisters Clarice, 20, and Cicely, 18.

The four, who grew up working in their family’s Battledown Brewery – the site of the distillery – and claim to have 30 years’ experience in the drinks industry between them, have already produced their first small batch gin using a base spirit created from grain and green vegetables and a carter head still made from glass and steel.

“The still looks amazing when it’s in action, the glass column is 12ft tall and very impressive,” Felix said. “We are able to monitor and adjust during the run which makes blending unnecessary, so there is no compromise on flavour.”

The gin, which is triple distilled and filtered through a layer of fuller’s earth, features vanilla, blueberry, orange and lemon among its botanicals, is bottled at 42% abv in a distinctive cubic bottle.


The four siblings behind Sibling Gin: Digby, Clarice, Cicely and Felix Elliott-Berry

“I love being part of the team, I find it very exciting,” said Digby Elliott Berry, who is still under the legal drinking age. “I am a thrill seeker and I look forward to playing a bigger role as soon as possible.”

According to the siblings, the group have run several businesses between them and have picked up numerous national and international awards.

The four aim to sell Sibling Gin widley in Cheltenham before looking further afield.

2 Responses to “Fifteen-year-old schoolboy opens gin distillery”

  1. alice-ann hoefkens says:

    Tasted this delicious gin at the Broadway food festival yesterday. Found it to be a very clean and fresh tasting gin, no oiliness and with a distinctive but not overwhelming botanical flavour. Well done, rivals the other small batch gins with ease. They had run out of bottles at the festival so will be heading to St. Patrick’s Broadway Deli to get hold of my first bottle asap.
    Digby and sibs, you’ve got a winner. xx

  2. Daniel James says:

    A very good Gin best drunk by “digestif”. Unusual to enjoy gin all alone. Great Gin with full flavour and just a gentle and lingering after taste.

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