Entrepreneur launches glass hockey stick vodka

2nd June, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

A Canadian entrepreneur has launched a new vodka bottled in a hockey stick-shaped container to celebrate his country’s most popular sport.


High Stick Vodka, a brand of vodka which comes bottled in a glass hockey stick, has launched in Canada

Illarion Shulakewych, 36, launched High Stick Vodka after returning to Canada in 2012 following a seven-year work placement in the Ukraine.

The vodka is created by Okanagan’s Orchard City distillery using Canadian wheat. It is distilled 18 times and is bottled in a hand-blown 750ml glass container shaped like a hockey stick.

“I kind of wanted something to celebrate Canada,” Shulakewych told the Edmonton Journal. “I did work and research to find a really good vodka, having tasted quite significant amounts and different kinds in Ukraine.”

Shulakewych added that he believes most of his customers will not open the container to sample the vodka, and will instead keep it as a keepsake.

Priced between CAD$75 and CAD$99, bottles of High Stick vodka will released annually and will be individually numbered.

The product is currently is currently only available in Canada, but the company is seeking global distribution.

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  1. Bonnie Carter says:

    I would like to get a couple of the high stick vodka ….can I order them online, or is there a place in or around Oshawa Ontario that I can pick them up?

  2. humberto effio says:

    interested for distribution on las vegas Nevada

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