Top 10 craft vodka brands

16th May, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Sipsmith Vodka

SipsmithThe Sipsmith distillery has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years and is now available in 20 markets across the world, causing some to question its craft credentials.

However, speaking to The Spirits Business at the launch of Sipsmith’s larger new site in London, Chiswick, co-founder Sam Galworthy said: “We think craft is a promise that as you do grow, you continue to make your product in the same way you did when you were first deemed craft.”

All of the company’s spirits are handcrafted and produced in small batches in a copper still called Prudence.

Its portfolio consists of a Barley Vodka and Damson Vodka.

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3 Responses to “Top 10 craft vodka brands”

  1. We’d have to say that our craft vodka merits a mention on any “best of” list. It’s truly handcrafted, small batch. The only one made in a rare glass still with corn, wheat & rocky mountain water. Gold-medal winning, bold and smooth like vodka is supposed to be. Halsted Vodka!

  2. Miles says:

    William Chase has definitely made a name for himself in the craft distilling world. I’ve purchased this Vodka and have seen others looking for it at spirits stores around the pacific US and Canada.

  3. Ali says:

    Definitely missing loft & bear vodka which a small batch craft vodka distilled in los angeles… just in LA, i think but an amazing vodka, both to sip on and to mix with cocktails

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