Top 10 craft vodka brands

16th May, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

While the big players continue to dominate the global vodka scene, there is a host of craft distilleries driving innovation in the category.


Take a look at our pick of the world’s top 10 craft vodka brands

Bing, celebrity endorsements and nightclubs may be among the first things that all spring to mind when vodka is mentioned, though the category’s craft movement which is expanding across the globe is rapidly altering restricting perspectives.

From potato to wheat, sugar cane to grape, different modes of vodka creation are being explored by pioneering craft distillers.

However, the “craft” tag is itself a hotly debated point of contention since it has no clear definition. As large multinationals attempt to cash in on the burgeoning craft trend and the terms “authentic” and “artisanal” are increasingly adopted for marketing purposes, what does it take to be classed as a craft vodka?

For the American Distillers Institute (ADI), which awarded some of the vodka brands on this list, craft spirits are the “products of an independently-owned distillery with maximum annual sales of 52,000 cases where the product is physically distilled and bottled on-site”.

Yet, whatever definition is largely accepted, it’s clear that vodka brands which are authentic, independent and creative, are chipping away at widespread prejudice the category is all-to-often subject to,

Click through the the following pages to see our pick of the top 10 craft vodka brands.

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3 Responses to “Top 10 craft vodka brands”

  1. We’d have to say that our craft vodka merits a mention on any “best of” list. It’s truly handcrafted, small batch. The only one made in a rare glass still with corn, wheat & rocky mountain water. Gold-medal winning, bold and smooth like vodka is supposed to be. Halsted Vodka!

  2. Miles says:

    William Chase has definitely made a name for himself in the craft distilling world. I’ve purchased this Vodka and have seen others looking for it at spirits stores around the pacific US and Canada.

  3. Ali says:

    Definitely missing loft & bear vodka which a small batch craft vodka distilled in los angeles… just in LA, i think but an amazing vodka, both to sip on and to mix with cocktails

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