Top 10 strangest cocktail ingredients

11th March, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

The weird and wonderful world of mixology has encroached into ever more bizarre territories over recent years – here are the top 10 strangest cocktail ingredients.


Chicken bones and pig’s blood are both included in our roundup the top 10 strangest cocktail ingredients

From chicken bones to whale skin, and from gunpowder to “distilled clay”, today’s bartenders are experimenting with increasingly unusual cocktail ingredients.

As consumer interest in gastronomic bartending and molecular mixology has risen, bartenders seeking to test industry boundaries to have found an enthusiastic market for their creative output.

These maverick mixologists from across the world have continued to send shock waves through the on-tade, and occasionally encountered controversy along the way.

Click through the following pages to see our roundup of the top 10 strangest cocktail ingredients.

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