Campari releases €10k Glen Grant 50 YO

18th March, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Gruppo Campari has unveiled its oldest and most expensive whisky to date – a limited edition Glen Grant 50 Year Old costing €10,000.


Gruppo Campari has released just 150 bottles of Glen Grant 50 Year Old, costing €10,000

The expression, which is the oldest and most expensive whisky ever released by Campari, was placed in sherry casks in 1963 by current Glen Grant master distiller Dennis Malcolm.

Glen Grant 50 Year Old is bottled in a hand-blown crystal decanter created by Scotland’s Glencairn Crystal.

Each decanter is hand numbered and adorned with the number 50 in gold lettering, while its shape is said to reflect the distillery’s slender pot stills.

Bottled at 54% abv, the expression is described as possessing notes of “caramel sultana and apricot” on the nose, and flavours of “sweet sherry, oranges and apples”.

“Only time measures our pursuit of perfection and maturation cannot be rushed,” said Malcolm.

“Like people, casks mature at their own pace. I have protected and cared for this barrel for 50 years, letting it breathe and patiently waiting for the magic and interaction of whisky and wood.”

Decanters of Glen Grant 50 Year Old are presented in a copper-lined Scottish oak box and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Dennis Malcolm and other craftsman involved in its production.

Only 150 bottles of the expression, which carries and RRP of €10,000, will be released globally.

It will initially launch in Asia’s travel retail market before rolling out internationally across other duty free and domestic markets.

The decanter will be available in Hong Kong from Friday 21 March followed by launches Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei duty free.

Glen Grant celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dennis Malcolm’s time with the company by releasing Glen Grant Five Decades.

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