India to cut US diplomats off duty free imports

18th December, 2013 by Amy Hopkins

India has announced it will freeze duty free alcohol imported for US consulate staff as a row over the arrest of a senior diplomat intensifies.


India has announced that its US consulate will not receive imported duty free alcohol as row between the two countries escalates

The retaliatory measure comes after US authorities arrested Devyani Khobragade, a deputy consul general at the Indian Consulate in New York, on charges of visa fraud and making false statements about how much her housekeeper was paid.

Outrage over the arrest in India has prompted the government to announce that it will remove a perceived “perk” of US diplomats working in the country, that is, the import of duty free alcohol.

Some Indian citizens gathered outside the US Embassy in Delhi yesterday to protest against the arrest, which has been largely viewed as degrading treatment towards a senior Indian diplomat in the country.

Specific details about the implementation of the freeze have yet to be revealed.

This measure has been announced in addition to the removal of passes giving US consulate staff access to lounges at Indian airports.


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