The world’s most haunted distilleries

30th October, 2013 by Becky Paskin

If ghosts and ghouls are your thing this Halloween, our pick of the world’s most haunted distilleries are sure to get you nicely spooked out.


Ghosts are rife at some of the world’s oldest distilleries

With such rich histories dating back over hundreds of years, it’s no wonder that distilleries are amongst the most haunted buildings in the world.

Workers and visitors have long held the belief that their distillery is occupied by at least one resident ghost, with many reporting strange noises, sudden chills and banging doors throughout the years.

Some sad tales of souls departed have even acted as inspiration for product releases, and many a distillery now even offers ghost tours as part of its visitor packages.

There are many a haunted distillery and spooky ghost tale to be heard, but we’ve listed what we believe are the world’s most haunted distilleries over the next few pages.

Know a haunted distillery we’ve missed? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

2 Responses to “The world’s most haunted distilleries”

  1. Dram Tanna says:

    Gooderham isn’t a distery anymore. It’s a fancy shopping and condo area. So that doesn’t realy fit. I also would have included Glen Rothes, since there is a grave yard at the the distery.

  2. Hello, we’re a family from Buckie in the NE of Scotland. As a hobby we investigate paranormal claims and so called haunted places. During a visit to the Dallas Dhu Museum Distillery near Forres I heard footsteps on the malting floor, pacing up and down, stopping in certain places and keep on walking. This happened for about 5 minutes. Later in the Mash Tun area I felt a strong and intelligent presence around me, I mentioned to a friend that I thought someone might have died in this place.
    After the unguided tour I asked one of the gentlemen who work in the shop if he ever hears someone walking or a commotion on the malting floor as it is directly above the shop. He told us that this is often heard in the evening when things are getting a bit quieter. After we had our Dram he told us that in the Mash Tun area there are also strange things going on. It was noted by him that stiff old light switches get turned at night when everything is locked up and the light is on in the morning. He said he even got the manager of the museum as a witness for this. He wondered if it had anything to do with the worker that committed suicide in this area by drowning himself in one of the massive tubs when the Distillery was still operational……

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