Drambuie’s Extraordinary campaign pays off in UK

13th September, 2013 by Amy Hopkins

A rebranding effort by Scotch liqueur Drambuie has resulted in double digit growth in its “star” UK market.


Following the roll out of The Taste of the Extraordinary marketing campaign, the company saw 17% value growth in the UK

Announcing its financial results to June 2013, the company posted an overall operating profit increase of 5% to £3.37 million, while net sales per case improved by £1.10.

Company chairman R A Stone, said: “Despite world trading conditions continuing to be volatile, Drambuie enjoyed a much more settled year in 2012/13.

“We have remained true to our vision that the company should be a highly focused brand marketing and distribution operation with a clear strategy to rebuild the famous Drambuie brand.”

The “star” UK market saw double digit growth of 17% following the comprehensive roll out of the A Taste of the Extraordinary campaign across TV and cinema, which set out to rebuild the brand.

However, Stone said that trading in the US – identified as the company’s “most important market” – was “flat” for the year.

In a bid to improve its market presence, Drambuie has appointed new senior regional director to lead business in the US, while the company now has six brand ambassadors in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Denver, Portland and Austin. The company also plans to develop a marketing programme based on its A Taste of the Extraordinary campaign.

Stone said: “Although trading was flat in the year under review, we believe these moves will bring their rewards.”

Meanwhile, sales in the emerging markets grew 34% and new distributors were secured in Nigeria, Kenya and Angola in a bid to tap into Africa’s growing spirits market.

The brand also advanced its presence in global travel retail, with new listings for Drambuie 15 in a number of “key airports” including Moscow, Paris, Kuala Lumpur and Seol. A marketing push also continued in the emerging Asian market, where a campaign for Drambuie 15 in Vietnam was described as “very encouraging”.

However, Drambuie reduced distributor stockholdings in a number of markets, particularly in Asia, which resulted in a “slightly lower” volume of global cased shipments.

Stone added: “Overall, this has been a positive but difficult year in the company’s quest to rebuild the Drambuie brand. However, we feel we are in a good position to tackle these difficult trading conditions and make good progress in the forthcoming year.”

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