Top 10 spirits plugs in pop music

27th August, 2013 by Amy Hopkins

The inherent hedonism and glamour of the spirits industry make its products common references in popular music – from Tanqueray to Hennessy, and Amy Winehouse to 2Pac, here’s a look at our top 10 spirits plugs in pop.

Top ten spirits plugs in pop music - Rihanna

Spirits can receive exponential boosts after being referenced in pop music

Following on from our recent top 10 movie drinks, we decided to take a look at how spirits infiltrate a different area of pop culture – music. Whether featuring in gangster rap or glitzy pop, spirits are often referenced by artists who want to laud their own extravagant lifestyles.

Although Dom Pérignon Champagne and other luxury wines are common tropes denoting wealth and status, over recent years, spirits have quickly become symbols of the fast and luxurious lifestyle synonymous with the music business.

The accompanying music videos in today’s multimedia music world also offer some prime product placement for premium spirits brands, or even an artist’s own product.

This blurring of industries, however, is criticised by many who believe it encourages an irresponsible lifestyle and exploits underage drinking.

Others claim that without the product placement of these brands, artists would not receive adequate funding to make music. This list looks at how music and spirits are entwined through liquor laced lyrics and visual product placements in music videos.
So turn on the radio, pour yourself a drink, and click through the following pages to see our top ten spirits plugs in pop music.
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