Smirnoff introduces vodka with edible gold

21st August, 2013 by Amy Hopkins

Smirnoff is continuing to push boundaries in the flavoured vodka market with its recently launched release containing edible 23-carat gold and cinnamon.

The new release contains 23 carat edible gold leaf and cinnamon flavouring

The new release contains 23 carat edible gold leaf and cinnamon flavouring

Smirnoff Gold, launched in the UK this month, is a blend of Smirnoff No.21 premium vodka, natural cinnamon flavouring, and edible gold leaf that is said to give the bottling a luxurious image, adding to its shelf stand out.

Brand owners, Diageo, hope that this new expression will appeal to consumers seeking a new vodka experience, driving incremental sales in the vodka category along the way. Diageo aim to push sales further through a £4.5 million integrated through-the-line campaign.

Karen O’Shea, marketing manager for Smirnoff Western Europe at Diageo, said: “Smirnoff is leading the way in innovation within the vodka category and this new premium offering represents a significant opportunity for retailers to grow their vodka sales by encouraging consumers to trade up.”

To coincide with the release of Smirnoff Gold, the brand has also unveiled a new signature serve – “Smirnoff Apple Bite”, a blend of Smirnoff Vodka, lemonade and apple juice – which can be mixed with Smirnoff Gold to create the “Apple Bite Gold”.

Smirnoff Apple Bite, which has an abv of 6.4% will also be available in a 250ml pre-mix can at an RRP of £1.90.

O’Shea said that both product launches build on Diageo’s “drink inventively” ethos and aim to “drive category growth by attracting new and existing consumers with highly unique and premium offerings”.

With an abv of 37.5%, Smirnoff Gold is currently being rolled out across UK on- and off-trade channels at an RRP of £21.95.

3 Responses to “Smirnoff introduces vodka with edible gold”

  1. John Wright says:

    Gold looks good, but how about this time of year Christmas pudding Vodka. I make it every year and my friends can’t wait to get their hands on it.

  2. Rodrigo says:

    After the pills that add glitter to poop, now we can add gold to our vomit.

  3. janice best says:

    The best drink i ever had was the Smirnoff gold apple, now i can’t seem to find it anywhere i need a bottle for my birthday in july

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