Top 10 spirit launches in May

10th June, 2013 by Chloe Ware

Jura’s Turas Mara

Jura Turas Mara Top May spirit launches

Gaelic for ’long-journey’ and inspired by the Diurachs, the inhabitants of Jura, Turas-Mara is the new travel retail exclusive from the Jura Distillery.

The Diurachs were forced to emigrate to countries such as Canada and the US in the early 18th and 19th centuries in what is known as ‘The Clearances’, making Turas Mara’s position as a travel retail exclusive quite fitting.

The whisky is 42% abv and is aged in oak casks sourced from America, Spain, France and Portugal with vanilla, toffee and black cherry notes.

Jura’s Turas Mara will be available throughout 2013 in select travel retail locations at an RRP of £40.

Find out where you can get Jura Turas Mara here.

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