Top 10 spirit launches in May

10th June, 2013 by Chloe Ware

Bols Honey Liqueur

Bols Honey top May spirit launches

Honey has always been a particularly difficult addition to cocktails due to its irritating habit of settling at the bottom of a glass instead of mixing properly, however, Dutch liqueurs company Bols claims to have developed a solution.

Their creation is a honey liqueur made from a blend of honey from three different ‘landscapes’ including Acacia, Manuka and Blossom.

With input from bartenders from all over the world, it is hoped the convenience of the liqueur, which is 17% abv and has buttery, vanilla notes, will give bartenders a viable alternative to using pure honey.

It will be launched in September to 15 markets, including the UK, Poland, Holland and Scandinavia with a retail price of around £13.

Find out how Bols Honey proposes to solve bartenders’ sticky honey problems here.

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