The world’s 10 largest Indian whisky brands

26th June, 2013 by Ros Branagan

It’s all change this year at the top, as a new brand takes over the leading position in our list of the world’s largest Indian whisky brands.

Worlds largest Indian whisky brands

The Worlds largest Indian whisky brands have a new leader at the top spot

Some accuse it of not being whisky at all, with much produced from molasses rather than grain or malted barley, but despite the technicality it is one of the largest spirit categories in the world, with the number one brand in our top 10 increasing its sales in 2012 by over 3m cases.

Regardless of how they are made, Indian whiskies are booming, with only two of our top 10 reporting negative growth from in 2012.

We bring you the list of the world’s 10 largest Indian whiskies in anticipation of the online publication of our Brand Champions 2013, which will be announced on 8 July. Our selections will highlight the brands that have achieved the most in 2012, whether in terms of outperforming their competitors, or in reaching a particular milestone.

Click through the following pages to discover which are the world’s largest Indian whisky brands.

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